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Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue


The aim of the working group on Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue (HRID / DHDI) is to create a forum for meeting, dialogue and research on issues related to Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue. Its aim is also to broaden our perspective on Law via intercultural dialogue and a crossing of diverse approaches in the anthropology of Law and in the theory of Law.

The dynamic has its roots in research led over the last three decades within the Laboratory of Legal Anthropology of Paris (LAJP - Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Juridique de Paris), which, in spite of its vast diversity, is characterized by the LAJP's fundamental requirement always to relate the observed legal practices and discourses to the systems of thought and to the logics which underlie and generate them. It is also deeply embedded in a critical theory of Law as it is promoted by the facultés universitaires Saint Louis and the European Academy of Legal Theory in Brussels.

The HRID seeks to bring together different streams of research by encouraging team work and by offering a setting in which these approaches can develop in a continuous working dynamics (for more details see the report of the constituent assembly). Since 2004, collective research has mainly been focused on the question of Law, Governance and Sustainable Development in intercultural perspectives.

However, convinced that a dialogical process is only possible through real dialogues and real meetings, the HRID, although being sheltered in the Laboratory of Legal Anthropology of Paris and in the Facultés universitaires Saint Louis in Brussels, would like to open its dynamic to all those, researchers or practicioners, who may feel challenged by the problematic of "Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue" and who seek to approach it in a dialogical, intercultural and interdisciplinary way. If the HRID allows researchers living in Paris and Brussels to meet regularly, it also aims at communicating beyond geographical boundaries and at entering into dialogue with other related centers of research or interested NGOs.

Most of the contributions on our site are in French, but there are also contributions in English and in other languages. I hope that you will not be discouraged by the inconvenience of a French interface and that you will rather take it as an intercultural challenge. And I hope your "intercultural" explorations will be rewarded with the discovery of at least one or the other article or thesis which may enrich or inspire you.

Very welcome on our site and do not hesitate to enter the dialogue.

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